An Hourglass

An hourglass attached to her back

Has a pinhole in its side

The sand it contains drains 

With every step taken

With every step taken

A trail forms

A lifeline marking her existence

On the land

It appears to weave into a

Landscape of time dials

Eyes taped open 

Watch – clock her movements

Wide eyed 

Then squinting


Trying to mark her progress

She sometimes spins in place

Time/control is so illusionary

Time in 

Time out

Timeless in between

Moving past where landscapes

And time exists

She reaches a luminous portal

She enters

Taped eyes still watching



This portal is meant to entice

Meant to bring her closer to 

That Place

Where when 

She Turns Sideways

Then upside down

She may slip into the 


With ease and faith

To be transformed

Lily Bea Moor

December 2002