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P.O. Box 9494, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80932


Born, Chicago, Illinois



California State University at Los Angeles, CA

M.A. Sculpture


Waseda University, Tokyo Japan

Studies in Japanese culture


California State University at Los Angeles, CA

B.A. Art (Major), Dance (Minor)



“Senga Nengudi: Improvisational Gestures”

USC Fisher Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California


“Senga Nengudi: Improvisational Gestures”

Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans,  New Orleans, LA

DePaul Art Museum, Chicago, IL


“Senga Nengudi”

GOCA 1420, Colorado Springs, CO

Inner Symphony” (Lecture Demonstration)

Packard Hall, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO


Senga Nengudi: Alt”

White Cube, London, England

Senga Nengudi”

Galerie Anne De Villepoix, Paris, France

Senga Nengudi: The Performing Body”

RedLine Art Center, Denver, CO

Curator: Elissa Auther

Senga Nengudi: The Material Body”

Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO

Curator: Nora Abrams

Senga Nengudi”

Galerie Anne De Villepoix, Paris, France


Performances 1976-81”

Thomas Erben Gallery, New York City, NY


Lov U”

Warehouse Gallery, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY


Warp Trance” (Culmination exhibit. Fabric Workshop and Museum residency)

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA



Thomas Erben Gallery, New York City, NY


Prospect Lake” (photo exhibit under the pseudonym Propecia Leigh)

Phototroph Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO


R.S.V.P. Retrospective”

Thomas Erben Gallery, New York City, NY



Wooten Studio/Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO


Masking It”

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs, CO


Widefield, CO


Rapunsel's View” (photo exhibit under the pseudonym Propecia Leigh)

Gertrude’s Restaurant, Colorado Springs, CO


Populated Air”

Thomas Erben Gallery, New York City, NY


Wet Night, Early Dawn, Scat-Chant, Pilgrim's Song”

Thomas Erben Gallery, New York City, NY


Vestige - The Discover of American by Christopher Columbus' S.D.”

Just Above Midtown Gallery, New York City, NY


Nylon Mesh Series – Recent Work”

Woods Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Recent Work”

Woods Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Respondez S'il-vous-plait”

Just Above Midtown Gallery, New York City, NY


California State University at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA



“Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women 1947-2016”

Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Gallery, Los Angeles, California


Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art”

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA


Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art”

New York University Grey Gallery/Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY

Curator: Valerie Cassel Oliver

Now Dig This: Art and Black Los Angeles 1960-1980”

Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

Curator: Kellie Jones

Blues for Smoke”

Whitney Museum of Art, New York, NY

Curator: Jay Sanders


Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art”

Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, Texas

Curator: Valerie Cassel Oliver

Alles neu”

Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, Aschaffenburg, Germany. Catalogue.

(Translation of part of article from Chr. Schütte in FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), 27. 3. 2012: …But the real surprising part in the exhibition "Alles Neu“ are the works of the Chicago born artist Senga Nengudi - in Europe nearly unknown - who succeeds in putting her own stress by her video-installation. And indeed “Warp Trance” from 2007 is showing nothing but pounding, knocking, rattling looms somewhere in Philadelphia. But by projecting the warp and weft threads and rotating spools in close-up view on a projection screen made out of the punch cards from exactly these looms the American artist is able to give the viewer the impression to dive in an atmosphere of dancing light- and shadow-play and dazzling colours accompanied by a rhythmic sound made from the original noise, which fills the whole room – you can only describe this experience as magical. A three dimensional impression which changes every moment like a kaleidoscope you can’t yourself withdraw from.)

Blues for Smoke”

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

Curator: Bennett Simpson


Now Dig This - Art & Black Los Angeles 1960-1980”

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles,CA/ Museum of Modern Art P.s.1, New York City, NY

Curator: Kellie Jones

Under the Big Black Sun”

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

Curator: Paul Schimmel

Los Angeles Goes Live: Los Angeles Performance Art, 1970-1983”

LACE galleries (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)

Included: Chris Burden, Suzanne Lacy, Allan Kaprow

Places of Validation, Art & Progression”

California African American Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Civic Virtue: The Impact of the Municipal Art Gallery and the Watts Towers Art Center”

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Curator: Pilar Tompkins


Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA/ Tang Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY

Curator: Helen Molesworth

Women Embodied”

Dedicated to and Including works by Ana Mendieta

Sangre de Cristo Art Center, Pueblo, CO


  1. Threads”

  2. Eli Klein Gallery, Bejing, China


Gallery 32 and Its Circle”

Leband Art Gallery, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA.

Curators: Carolyn Peter & Damon Willick

Included: David Hammons, Suzanne Jackson, Betye Saar, Emory Douglas, John Outterbridge


Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary”

Inaugural Exhibit, Museum of Art and Design, New York City, NY.

Curator: Lowery Sims

S&M: Shrines and Masquerades in Cosmopolitan”

80 Washington Square East Galleries, New York University, New York City, NY.

Curator: Lyle Ashton Harris

Included: Kehinde Wiley, Xenobia Bailey

R.S.V.P. - Senga Nengudi with A Response from Rashawn Griffin”

Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City, NY


Role Play: Feminist Art Revisited 1960-1980”

Galerie Lelong, New York City, NY

WACK! Art & The Feminist Revolution”

L.A. MOCA, Los Angeles, CA. Catalogue.

Curator: Connie Butler.


L.A. Object & David Hammons Body Prints”

Jack Tilton Gallery, New York City, NY

Strange Powers”

Creative Time, 64E.4thSt., New York City, NY


Clothesline: Art, Clothing, Identity”

Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico.

Included: Ann Hamilton, James Luna, Nikki Lee


RX Art Ball, New York City, NY.

Included: Robert Colescott, John Baldessari, Yoko Ono, William Wegman

Double Consciousness: Black Conceptual Art Since 1970”

Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, Texas. Catalogue.

Curator: Valerie Cassel Oliver.

Included: Chakaia Booker, David Hammons, Adrian Piper, William Pope.L, Nari Ward, Fred Wilson

Ephemeral Threads”

Noyes Museum of Art, New Jersey.

Curator: A.M. Weaver


54th Carnegie International 2004-5”

Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA. Catalogue.

Curator: Laura Hoptman.

Included: Lee Bontecou, Paul Chan, Julie Mehretu, Saul Fletcher

Non Toccare La Donna Bianca”

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino, Italy.

Curator: Francesco Bonami. Catalogue.

Included: Ellen Gallagher, Mona Hatoum, Shirin Neshat and Shen Yuan


Parallels and Intersections: Art/Women/ California 1950-2000”

San Jose Museum of Art. San Jose, CA. Catalogue.

Curator: Diana Fuller.


Love Supreme”

La Criee Centre D’Art Contemporain, Rennes, France.

Curator: Elvan Zabunyan.

Included: David Hammons, Carrie Mae Weems, Adrian Piper, Lorna Simpson, Lyle Ashton Harris and Lorraine O’Grady


Sixteen Pieces: The Influence of Yoruba on Contemporary Artists” 

The Brickhouse, London, United Kingdom.

Included: Leroy Clarke (Trinidad), Alberto Pitta (Brazil), Afua Praba (Ghana), Cassandra Wilson (USA)


Out of Action: Between Performance and Object, 1949-1979”

Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, CA. Catalogue.

Curator: Paul Schimmel

Photography Show”

Gallery of Contemporary Art, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.



Galerie Art’O, Paris, France. Catalogue.

Curator: Elvan Zabunyan.

Included: Rene Green, Gary Simmons.

Interior Life”

Rush Gallery, New York City, NY.

Included: Fred Wilson and Donald Odita


Gallery Artists”

Thomas Erben Gallery, New York City, NY

Incandescent” (part of “Now-Here”)

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen- Humlebaek, Denmark. Catalogue.

Curator: Laura Cottingham.

Included: Janine Antoni, Barbara Kruger, Yayoi Kusama, Adrian Piper, Sue Williams.


Art Multiple”

Art Fair, Dusseldorf, Germany/Thomas Erben Galler, New York City, NY.

Premiere of multiple “Oaaka” together with works on paper.

Notation on Africanism”

Archibald Arts, New York City, NY.

Included: Richard Hunt, Gerald Jackson, Lorraine O’Grady


Watts Towers Art Center, Watts, CA. 25th Anniversary Exhibition.

Included: Betye Saar, John Outterbridge


Artists Space-25th Anniversary Show”

Artists Space, New York City, NY.

Nominated by Lorraine O’Grady


Printed Matter Bookstore at DIA, New York City, NY.

In conjunction with publication of New Observation #97.

Curator: Adrian Piper


Shaping the Spirit: The African-American Art of Charles Abramson, Senga Nengudi, and James Phillips”

Capp Street Project/AVT, Experimental Projects Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Review.

Guest Curator: Stacey Moss.


Art As A Verb: The Evolving Continuum”

Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City, NY. Catalogue.

Curators:Lowery S. Sims and Dr. Leslie King-Hammond.

Review: Michael Brenson, New York Times


Art As A Verb: The Evolving Continuum”

Maryland Institute, College of Art. Baltimore, MD. Traveling. Catalogue.

Curators: Lowery S. Sims and Dr. Leslie King-Hammond.

Included: Charles Abramson, David Hammons, Maren Hassinger, Lorraine O’Grady, Howardena Pindell, Adrian Piper, Faith Ringgold, Betye Saar, Joyce Scott, Martha Jackson- Jarvis.


Carnival-Ritual of Reversal”

Kenkeleba Gallery, New York City, NY

Included:Anthony Barboza, Maren Hassinger, Ben Jones, Tyrone Mitchell, Jorge Luis Rodriquez, Christy Rupp, Alison Saar, Randy Williams


Afro-American Abstractions” 

Traveling Exhibition. United States. Catalogue.

Curator: April Kingsley.

Included: Ellsworth Ausby, Barbara Chase Ribaud, Houston Conwill, Melvin Edwards, Sam Gilliam, David Hammons, Maren Hassinger, Richard Hunt, Alvin Loving, Tyrone Mitchell, Howardena Pindell, Martin Puryear, William T. Williams


Remy Presents: Project Grand Central”

Grand Central Station, New York City, NY. Brochure.

Curator: Allan Schwartzman.

Included: Dara Birnbaum, Brian Eno, Maren Hassinger, Jenny Holzer, Randy Williams

Dialectics of Isolation: An Exhibition of Third World Women Artists of the United States”

A.I.R. Gallery, New York City, NY. Review.

Curators: Kazuko, Ana Mendieta and Zarian.

Included: Judith Baca, Beverly Buchanan, Lydia Okumura, Selena Whitefeather, Howardena Pindell. Catalogue with an introduction by Ana Mendieta

Art Across the Park”

Art Across the Park, Central Park, New York City, NY.

Conceived by David Hammons.

Curators: Horace Brokington and Gylbert Coker.

Included: Ellsworth Ausby, Kazuko and Ana Mendieta

Afro-American Art in the 20th Century: Three Episodes” 

Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY.

Curators: Linda Goode-Bryant, Dr. Leslie King-Hammond and Lowery Sims.

In Collaboration with the Jamaica Arts Center. Episode Three included: Houston Conwill, Howardena Pindell, Randy Williams

Afro-American Abstractions”

P.S.1, New York City, NY



Emile Lowe Gallery, Hofstau University, New York


Freeway Fets”

L.A. Freeway Underpass, Los Angeles, CA.

Public Art Work Sponsored by Brochman Gallery, the C.E.T.A. Program and Cal Trans.

The Process as Art in Situ”

Just Above Midtown Gallery, New York City, NY.

Included: David Hammons, Banerjee and Susan Fitzsimmons.

Secrets and Revelations: African-American Women Artists”

Woods Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Black History Week Exhibit”

San Bernardino College Art Gallery, CA.


Studio Z: Individual Collective”

Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA.

Included: Maren Hassinger and Franklin Parker.

The Concept as Art” 

Just Above Midtown Gallery, New York City, NY.

Final segment of the exhibition ‘The Afro-American Artists in the Abstract Continuum of American Art: 1945-1977’. ‘Contextures’, catalogue

California Black Artists”

Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City, NY

The Whitney Counterweight”

James Yu Gallery, New York City, NY. Review.

Included: Harmony Hammond, David Hammons, Nancy Spero


Women’s Interart Center, New York


Newcomers 1976”

Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, CA.

Curator: Josine Ianco

Cinque Art Gallery, New York City, NY


Eight Afro-Americans”

Musee Rath. Geneva, Switzerland. Catalogue.

Curator: Henri Ghent.

Included: Romare Bearden, Bob Thompson.


Sapphire Show”

Gallery 32. Los Angeles, CA.

Curator: Suzanne Jackson

Three Artists”

Gallery Central 1015. Los Angeles, CA.




Galerija Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, Croatia/Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, Denmark

Walk Tall”

Billy Wilder Theatre, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

In collaboration with Maren Hassinger and Ulysses Jenkins


Video Studio Playback”

Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City, NY

Performance Video: Dance Card


Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

In collaboration with Maren Hassinger and Ulysses Jenkins

Clifford Owens – Anthology”

The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, NY

Contributed performance scores: Truth and Sweep


Side by Side”

Nomadic Nights Series Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris, France.

In collaboration with Maren Hassinger


Mountain Moving Day-Ritual Celebration for Women’s History Month



Developed personas for other media explorations. Ongoing.

Propecia Leigh: photography, Harriet Chin: drawing, Lily Bea Moor: poetry


Walk a mile in my shoes”

Sent shoes to others in the U.S. and abroad with request for recipients to walk/dance a full mile in shoes with return documentation

Mail Art and Long Distance Conceptual Exercises 

Developed as collaborative works with Maren Hassinger.


Developed persona of Propecia Leigh for my photography


Lecture/Performance, The Banff Centre for the Arts. Banff, Canada

Making a Scene of Ourselves-The Black Arts: Nappy Ruminations on Life in America” Lecture/Performance. Univ. of Colorado, Colorado Springs


Singing the Circle: Four Women Creating Themselves”

Radio Art. Produced and directed poets Kim Campbell, Stacy Dyson, Felicia Rose Caton Garcia and JaneHilberry. Sponsored by Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO


Double Think Bulemia, Mouth to Mouth: Conversations on Being” 

Radio Art. Included: Charles Abramson, Carol Blank, John Outterbridge, Darryl Sevad, Kaylynn Sullivan, SunRa and Cecil Taylor


A Series From A to Z, Mouth to Mouth: Conversations on Being”

Radio Art. Included: Jill Crane, Victor Ingrassia and Kenneth Severin


Nature’s Way” 

Contemporary Art Forum, Santa Barbara, CA.

Choreographed piece performed by Maren Hassinger, Ulysses Jenkins and Franklin Parker



Cotton Exchange, Los Angeles, CA.

Presented by L.A.C.E. in collaboration with Chrono, Maren Hassinger, Ulysses Jenkins


Chance Unfrozen”

Other Visions Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Produced and directed collaboration between Cheryl Banks (choreographer/dancer) and Roberto Miranda (composer/bassist)

Spooks Who Sat By The Door”

Long Beach Museum, Long Beach, CA.

Collaboration with Maren Hassinger. Part of ‘Home Show’ (Group show with artists emanating from the Woman’s Building).


Blind Dates”

White Dog, New York City, NY.

Presented by Just Above Midtown Gallery, New York City, NY. Collaboration conceived and carried out with Blondell Cummings and Yasuno Tone. Sponsored by New York State Council And the NEA


Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, CA.

In conjunction with the opening of ‘Afro-American Abstractions’ at the Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park. Collaboration conceived and carried out with Maren Hassinger, Ulysses Jenkins and Franklin Parker. Sponsored by Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery


Watts Towers Art Center, Watts, CA.

Sponsored by Watts Towers Art Center


Air Propo”

Just Above Midtown Gallery, New York City, NY.

In collaboration with Cheryl Banks and Butch Morris.

Sponsored by the New York State Council and Meet the Composer


C.C. Rider”

Central Park, New York City, NY.

In Collaboration with Charles Abramson. Sponsored by Art Across the Park

Alive Performance” 

California State University at Los Angeles, CA.

In collaboration with Maren Hassinger and Franklin Parker.

Sponsored by California State University at Los Angeles


Jewish Home for the Aged, Reseda, CA.

Sponsored by LAAVA (Los Angeles Academy of Visual Arts)

Get Up” 

Paper Mill, Los Angeles, CA.

In collaboration with Houston Conwill, Maren Hassinger and Franklin Parker.

Sponsored by the Los Angeles Printmaking Society


Ceremony for Freeway Fets”

L.A. Freeway Underpass, Los Angeles, CA.

Presented by Brochman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Part of CETA Program.

In collaboration with David Hammons and Maren Hassinger. Initiation of grounds and space for my public piece installed underneath L.A. Freeway. Sponsored by CalTrans


Costume Study for Mesh Mirage” 

Studio Performance, Los Angeles, CA

Repondez S’il Vous Plait”

Just Above Midtown Gallery, New York City, NY

Performance Piece – Nylon Mesh and Maren Hassinger”

Woods Gallery, Los Angeles, CA



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April Kingsley, “Black Artists:Up Against the Wall,” Village Voice, Sept.11


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Notes to the Young Black Artist,” Art International, Vol.XV/6, Summer Edition, p.35



Rauschenberg Foundation Artist in Residence (Captiva, Florida)


La Napoule Foundation Artist in Residence (La Napoule, France)


Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, New York, NY – Artist in Residence



Given by Arts, Business, and Education Consortium and the Pikes Peak Art Council


Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA Artist in Residence


Women's Caucus For Art – Lifetime Achievement Award


Fabric Workshop and Museum - Artist in Residence


Anonymous Was A Woman Award

Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award

Finalist – Penny McCall Foundation Ordway Prize

Acadia Summer Arts Program (Kippy’s Kamp), Acadia, Maine. Invitational Artist Residency


Website ( chosen Website of the Week by . Developed website to encourage women to move the mountains (blocks) in their lives. Website features art work, poetry, links to other sites and rituals for growth


Panelist, “The Black Aesthetic: 1960-2001,” Riverside, CA. Sponsored by California Univ. at Riverside. Other panelists included: Kerry James Marshall, Sterling Stuckey, and Clyde R. Taylor

Guest Speaker, “The State of Feminism in Visual Culture,” Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, CO. Sponsored by Colorado Univ. at Colorado Springs. Part of events during Judy Chicago Retrospective Exhibit


Visiting Artist, Maryland Institute – College of Art


Visiting Artist, University of Illinois at Chicago – School of Art

Visiting Artist, Maryland Institute – College of Art


Whisper! Stomp! Shout! A Salute to African American Performance Art, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, CO. Curated a festival of video documentation of performance art. Included: Idris Ackamoor, Sherman Fleming, David Hammons, Maren Hassinger, Rodessa Jones, Howardena Pindell, Adrian Piper and Joyce Scott


Distinguished Service Award, Board of Regents-University of Colorado


Co-President of Performing Arts for Youth Organization


Co-Curated “1+1=3” Group Exhibition with Charles Abramson, Gallery 1199, New York City, NY


Set Design, “Dead Center”, Sounds in Motion Dance Co., New York City, NY

Creative Artists Public Service Program (CAPS) Grant- Sculpture (New York State Council on the Arts)


Orchesis Dance Scholarship



Board Member – Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration


College Art Association


Toni Morrison Society


Selection Committee for Director of Ethnic Studies Dept.


Board Member - Tutmose Academy


Grants Review Selection Committee for Colorado Council on the Arts


Grants Review Selection Committee for Colorado Council on the Arts. Arts Organizations for the Front Range


Advisory Board Member Performing Arts for Youth Organization (PAYO)


Founding Member of Sankofa African Dance & Cultural Organization


Board Member Performing Arts for Youth Organization (PAYO)


Member Curatorial Committee-Performance Art, The Women’s Building, Los Angeles, CA


Thomas Erben Gallery

New York City, NY


The Museum of Modern Art

New York City, NY

Hammer Museum

Los Angeles, CA

Carnegie Museum of Art

Pittsburgh, PA

Museum of Contemporary Art

Los Angeles, CA

Studio Museum in Harlem

New York City, NY


Burt Aaron

Detroit, MI

Phyllis and Ray Beaudreau

Altadena, CA

Yvonne Berry

Chicago, IL

Linda Goode-Bryant

New York City, NY

Stephanie and Bern Burley

New York City, NY

Gylbert Coker

New York City, NY

Houston and Kinshasha Conwill

New York City, NY

Thomas Erben, Thomas Erben Gallery

New York City, NY

David Hammons

New York City, NY

AC and Thelma Hudgins

New York City, NY

James Hudgins

New York City, NY

Rosemary Kennedy

Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Leslie King-Hammond

Baltimore, MD

Kerry James Marshall

Chicago, IL

Barbara Mitchell

New York City, NY

John Miller

Denver, CO

Sands Murray-Wassink

Amsterdam, Holland

Harmon Outlaw

Los Angeles, CA

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Torino, Italy

Craig Robins

Miami, FL


National Museum of Women in the Arts

African American Performance Artists Archive


Mountain Moving Day



Guest Artist, Tufts University, Boston, MA


Guest Artist, Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, IL


Visiting Artist in Residence, Sante Fe Art Institute, NM


Launched “Artspace” Community Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO


Lecturer/Instructor-Art History/Ethnic Studies/Women’s Studies/Studio-Sculpture/Installation, University of Colorado at Co. Springs


Developed multicultural programs and presented multicultural performing artists in Colorado Springs, CO


Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration Community Liaison, Colorado Springs, CO

Artist in Residence – Mitchell High School, Colorado Springs, CO


Co-President, Performing Arts for Youth Organization (PAYO)


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA., Fine Arts Library, Assistant Slide Curator


Fairburn Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA., Arts Program Coordinator


Community School, Los Angeles, CA. Program Liaison for Community Artists Program


Community School, Los Angeles, CA., Art Instructor – ages 6-12


California State University at Northridge, Substitute Instructor, beginning Printmaking


Watts Towers Art Center, Watts, CA., Art Instructor – ages 7-11


Children’s Art Carnival, NYC, Resources Developer/Art Instructor, Printmaking – ages 7-13


Pasadena Art Museum – Education Dept., Art Instructor – ages 5-11, Special Art Classes for continuation Jr. High students, Special Public School Sessions, Special Training Classes for pre-school teachers.


Fine Arts Community Workshop, Pasadena, CA., Art Instructor Part of initial art program development team.


Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Social Services, Pasadena, CA. Social Worker


MacLaren Hall-County Juvenile Detention Center (for abused children)El Monte, CA., Art Instructor – ages 5-15, organized first art classes

Friendship Day Camp, Los Angeles, CA., Program Coordinator and DanceInstructor. Intercultural/interracial camp. Ages 5-15


Watts Towers Art Center, Watts, CA., Art Instructor, Mixed Media Ages 5-13, Silkscreen Classes – ages 9-12